A movie made in 30 minutes. About loss, fatherhood, illness, and regret. Nominated for Cannes, Golden Globes, and Razzy Awards.

A Day in a Dog's Life

A sound experience, best experienced with headphones. Follow the journey of a dog who must find its lost owner.

The Hero, The Dragon, and The Princess

An interactive comic. Make your own adventure and see the perspectives of three different characters of this timeless epic.

How To Cook Ramen

A movie. Help Jean-Paul François Martin Matin as he attempts to create the (almost) perfect Ramen. To be served warm.

A Doll's Life

A stopmotion video. What do the toys do when the humans aren't looking? Find out now.

Go Out Abu Dhabi

A street food-themed online comics-delivery system. Also the final project for the Temporary Experts class.

30 Minutes Film

Sound Experience





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